Hello Villager, Welcome Home!

Are You ready for a Quantum Leap in Time?

We are an Experimental Festival in The Netherlands, a Living Village and flowtown, that creates a new, clean and happy future! Driven by awareness and consciousness, we bring solutions and examples to help humanity gain its self-sustainability back and find new ways of Living and Building communities together.

It is time to leave the old age behind and make way for a new Era, in which we share equally, take care of the Earth and eachother and live our own reality of abundance and Love.

Let's share our knowledge and wisdom, bring joy and beauty back into the world, and Celebrate Life.

Do you love the Earth, Life, and Humanity?

Then You are a Resident of The Living Village Festival!

Full Program 2017 Our Vision

DownTown Electronic

Progressive PsyTrance, Full-on, Ambient, Psychill, Techno, Minimal, Electro, Tribal Tekno.

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Boomstack Backyard

Jamaican Roots, UK Dub, Reggae Vibes & lots of B.a.s.s.

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Monkey Town

Live Bands, MonkeyJam, Reggae, jazz, folk, blues, pop, rock, klezmer and multiple skilled collectives

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Acoustic Village Square

Irish & Keltic Folk, Pop, Rock, Native American, Nyabinghi, Blues, Mantra, Joropo, Salsa, Singer / songwriters, Troubadours, Young talent and Jamsessions

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Magical Forest

Those who wander through forests may find many magical things....
PsyChill, Ambient, Downtempo, Chill-out

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Temple Grounds

Workshops, Ceremonies, Meditations, Rituals, Soundhealings, Individual sessions & Sweat lodges

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Off-Grid & Atelier

Off the Grid lectures and practical 'hands on' workshops

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Building & Living Tree Architecture

Yes, let's build! We love to create beautiful things and we invite you to join us.

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Future Lab

The Future depends entirely on the decisions we make in this moment,
You and me, right Now!

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Theater & Performance

A Living Village can't do without an amazing and vital Theater Program!

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ADM Theatrical Tour

ADM Theatrical Tour brings it's own surprise neighbourhood to the Festival

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Material Flow

Let’s talk about Trash, baby! Recycle & Respect Your Planet

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Kids PlayGround

Kids up to 12 yrs have Free Entrance to The Festival!

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Market & Catering

All Food & Drinks are ORGANIC & our Market is filled with ecofriendly products!

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Camping Grounds

Our Camping Grounds are huge!!

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  • Organic, Green & Sustainable

    Did you know that all Food & Drinks at the Festival are organic? That also goes for beers & wine!

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  • CoCreation & Unique Line-Up >>

    Because we Co-Create the entire festival, we have a unique and experimental line-up!  5 Neighbourhoods with lot’s of MUSIC – DOWNTOWN ELECTRONIC – MONKEYTOWN – BOOMSTACK BACKYARD – ACOUSTIC VILLAGE SQUARE – MAGICAL FOREST – WORKSHOPS  &  LECTURES – All about OFF-GRID and SELF SUSTAINABLE LIVING, LIVING TREE ARCHITECTURE – ATELIER  with Creative workshops and on-spot BUILDING PROJECTS – TEMPLE GROUNDS […]

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  • Become a Volunteer

    We are  looking for Volunteers! As a volunteer you not only have the chance to build and participate in this amazing project, but also to learn about Off-Grid, self-sustainability and innovative ways of building while volunteering! For example: How to build compost toilets, or lay out solar energy grids. Want more info on Volunteering? Check out […]

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So what's happening?


The Living Village Festival consists of 15 neighbourhoods, each with their own vibes & tribes, which together form our Living Village! With lots of MUSIC, WORKSHOPS, BUILDING PROJECTS, LECTURES, RITUALS, THEATER, ART & More, our Festival is truly a unique Experiment!

Open Space

Besides all the magic the Festival has to offer, we also invite all residents and co-creators to come share your own passions, ideas, talents and whatever you would like to contribute to the community: there are open spaces all around the festival grounds.

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Stepping stone

The Living Village festival is a steppingstone towards the realization of the first Living Village in the world: a village where houses are built from Living Trees.


The Festival will save it's profits so that within a few years we will be able to buy our own land and build the Village of our dreams.

Our Vision