About The Living Village

The Living Village Festival is the ultimate experience of conscious living, community, learning and play. The times we live in overload us with distractions, consumption, chemically processed foods and corporate greed. Try as we might, it often feels like there's no escaping it all. But here in The Living Village, living among each other, in peace and in harmony with nature, abundance and love become a true reality. It's more than just an experience, it's a revelation. A mindset and a practice, that when put to the test, can guide our collective future forward.

Unlike most "festivals," The Living Village Festival is not just a place you visit over a finite time period, each year. All proceeds from the festival are used to fund the eventual creation of a permanent Living Village, where a harmonious relationship between human beings and the world we inhabit can be sustained forever. It may sound like a dream, but with each ticket sold and each attendee reached, we get closer and closer to that reality. It's the greatest gift we can leave for future generations and for the future of our collective earth.

So, what does a permanent Living Village mean? So happy you asked! In a permanent Living Village, houses would be built using Living Tree architecture, an innovative technology that allows us to build shelter-providing structures through weaving and pleaching live willow. The township will reforest the land it settles on, providing food for its inhabitants, along with housing that will not degrade, but actually grow bigger and stronger over time.

Imagine that? Instead of tearing down nature for the sake of shelter, we'd actually be growing trees to build homes. It's not just a better method than the ones that have contributed to the destruction of our planet - it's the exact opposite. Using Living Tree Architecture, we can empower people to design a natural, edible and self-sufficient infrastructure that will lead to the creation of a truly sustainable society.

The Living Village Festival is celebration of collaboration between man and nature. A dream made into reality. So, let's come together, share our knowledge and wisdom, and one day build a community that sets differences and self interests aside. A society that unites human beings in a quest to live more peacefully, more sustainably, and with more love for each other and for our planet than has ever been thought possible.