Kids Village

In the Kids Village you get the real tribal feeling. In a real village set up you can experience this together with many like minded parents and children who share the same values on learning, being and caring. Natural Parenting, Unschooling and Unique Individual Flow are the core values. Besides sharing cirkles with experiences people on these topics there is also a lot of more inspiration, fun and good vibes and creativity.

Kids and their parents can enjoy five days of joyful dance, playful yoga, natural arts, wild and handy earth skills, pure plant wisdom, inspirational theatre, great storytelling, good food and more!

This area is hosted by: De Oersprong Wisely Simple Simply Wise *

Big Tent

A full interactive program for kids and their parents

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Little Tent

Daily workshops for children.

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Teens Tipi

A special teen hangout to retreat to

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Parents Shelter

Experience together with many like minded parents on learning, being and caring.

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Valley of the Horses

Here Natural Horsemanship and the basics of Centered Riding are being practiced.

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Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Fairy hut


all days, Fairy Hut

Need a quiet place to retreat, away from the noise and movement of the festival? Come to the fairy hut and rest, play, read, draw. For the smallest children with their parents. Anouk is there to take you on a fairy journey.

Mamas United

Summer Solstice Celebration 

fri, 16:30 Other Program

Come and celebrate the longest day together!

Mud kitchen

Sand & Water is Nature's Best Toys 

all days, Mud Kitchen

Open mic

For kids monkey town 

sat, 12:00 Gather at the Big Tent

Gather with Flow Mo at the Big Tent of The Little Village. The Monkeytown stage is available for all ages to come and join the jam...!

Open mic

For kids village square 

all days, 14:00 Gather at the Big Tent

At the Village Square all kids are welcome to perform and show themselves, their talents and skills