Offgrid & Sustainable Living

Sustainability - aiming through co-creation for ecological and social balance that enhances and supports the life of the planet and all its inhabitants.

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Dear Mother Earth’ A contemplative participatory installation

Studio Ellf

Mother Earth is taking care of you. Grab a buste to tap into the frequency of Mother Earth and explore our ambiguous relation to our roots. Silence is the language we speak to communicate. Listen to what is alive within. Different things can come up. Feelings of (dis)comfort or our dreams. The buste is a breast shaped clay sculpture with antenna which functions like a silent walky talky. The womb, a dome shaped structure of veils, is holding space for introspection and growth. We are continuously shaping and re shaping our lives and the earth as if it’s clay. The womb invites the participant with his own bare hands to re shape the clay buste into whatever that is alive. This is the place to create a symbol of what you want to call into your life. These transformed personal sculptures, will form a new series of work that contains the collective narrative of our society on dreams and origins.


Welcome to GAIA NL

At the GAIA NL area we offer various workshops: 1. build your own windmill by Henk; a short workshop to learn how you can simple make your own little windmill and produce your own energy. Henk uses simple materials. It is just a workshop for fun! It is also a good workshop for teachers how to built windmills in a classroom. Workshop 2. Paleo glutenfree sweets by Sandra and Monica. Sandra and Monica like to tell you everything about Paleo, and show you how you can make easy very nice sweets which are also glutenfree and diary free. You can buy the sweets at the end of the workshop.

It takes a village to raise a child

Natural Learning Space - Democratic Education

"Learning happens everywhere, always. By providing space and time to intrinsically feel what we are truly passionate about, each one of us can grow happily and fully develop our talents. In this area you can explore the alternatives to conventional schooling. Ever heard of democratic schools? And what about unschooling? Every day at 11.00, 13.00, 14.30 and 16.30 there will be inspiring and creative workshops for all ages. Check out the tent for more inspiration!

Come2LIFE! (Learning In a Free Environment). We are a group of students, teachers and parents from Democratic School LIFE! and we are really excited to share with you what LIFE!’s about. We will offer information and workshops in: Democratic Education, Nonviolent Communication, Sociocracy, and Conflict Resolution; as well as creative workshops given by students; an open space for sharing in sociocratic circles about common interests; and an information desk and bookstore.  Also, you can join us for a daily student-lead LIFE! jam session—lots of instruments for lots of people.  See you there!"

Leather Workshop

Mart, Reimer, Cas

"Hello living villagers, 
We are 3 students of Cibap in Zwolle, named Mart, Reimer and Cas. We’d like to give you a workshop in working with leather. We're going to show you the first steps of leather working. We'll explane the basic steps with a product as the outcome. You can choose from some project that differ in duration and difficulty. This way you can choose a product you want and the time you want to spend. All the leather we use is recycled from an older products."

Lecture on natural food & Workshop fermentation

Voeding van Nature naast Foodstand Groentje

"Fermentation is a way to conserve food. And it is also healthy! During the workshop you will learn about fermentation, taste fermented products and make your own vegetable ferment to take home. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes. 

Food is a hot topic; there are many claims on what is healthy which makes it difficult to
really know what is a healthy food choice. Natural food stream looks at what
nature offers, because that is what our body recognises and what us feeds
instead of fills. In half an hour I will explain the basics of natural food:
pure, fresh, fair and organic. Natural food will feed you instead of fill you
and is a better choice for our world. I will provide advice and tips to make
conscious and healthy food choices for yourself, your family and our

Wednesday 20th June:
11.00 Lecture; An introduction to natural food. 
15.00 Fermentation workshop

Friday 22nd June
11.00 Fermentation workshop

Saturday 23rd June
11.00 Lecture; An introduction to natural food

 Sunday 24th June
11.00 Fermentation workshop

Make and Bake your own ocarina + ongoing presentation ceramic instruments and installation Circle of Sounds

Breathtaking Ceramics - Hans Houkes

Always wanted to build your own ocarina? In a fun and intensive one hour workshop we will learn you how to make one by yourself! You’ll also learn something about the instruments history and some fun clay techniques. After building your ocarina you tune it and finally decorate it with Terra Sigillata (very thin clay slib). At the end of the day we will fire all ocarina's together in less than an hour to a 1000 degrees so you can take it home with you!

Mother Earth invites you to reshape the earth

Studio Ellf

"The cosmic womb, a contemplative participatory installation of Studio Ellf, invites the participant to go inside. Listen to the sound of silence by using a silent walky talky made out of clay. Connect within. Reshape the clay into a symbol of what you want to call into your life. Together, these transformed personal sculptures will form a
new series of work that contains the collective narrative of our society on dreams and origins."

Ongoing presentation ceramic instruments and installation Circle of Sounds

Circle of Sounds - Hans Houkes

The Circle of Sounds offers a special interactive sound experience. It contains movementcensored soundunits, when you enter the circle the units will be activated and take you on harmonic soundjourney. By moving around or standing still you influence the harmonies.

Spoon Carving Workshops

Hout van Bomen / Wood from Trees

Come and experience the power of wood! Create your own special spoon. Jan Harm ter Brugge gives workshops and lectures around the world, and inspireres people to create their own spoon.

Stained Glass Windows demonstration

Paree Glas in Lood

During the Festival I'll create stained glass windows for tiny houses in organic forms.Come have a look at these special, colorfull techniques!

Tiny Village Area – Proeftuin Erasmusveld

Welcome to the Tiny Village Area!

As the first official "Tiny House Village" in the Netherlands, we - the inhabitants of Proeftuin Erasmusveld - would like to share our experiences and ideas about modern co-habitation in small, mobile, off-grid houses. topics of our lectures and workshops will range from "self-empowerment - building your own home", "downsizing - living with less" to "waste composting" or "off-grid: creating your own energy and water".

Tree Climbing Workshops

The Tree Climbing Company

The Tree Climbing Company offer kids from 8 years and adults the possibility to climb in a tree. To experience and feel how it is to climb to the top of a tree. We climb with ropes safe in the tree. You can hangout and relax in the top of the tree and find out the freedom in the top off the tree. Tree climbing is not hard to do, if you can use you arms and legs and some guts you can climb a tree.

Village Garden Excursion

Bouwie Greenman from The Living Village

On the first Living Village Festival in 2017 Bouwie planted a small scale Food Forest on the festival terrain together with guest of the festival. Using a large number of edible plants and even compost from the festival. In 1 hour he will take you through the foodforest and tell you about the plants that are growing there and how you can eat/use them.

Wanted: live models!

Mooniq Priem

I make portraits in clay and sculpt the character of my model in a quick-sketch during in a limited time. As a multidisciplined artist I combine my disciplines as a sculptor and filmmaker and travel to places in search of interesting portraits. Often I record the stories that people share with me during the sculpting process.

Wild Edible Plant Walk

Marin Leus from Green Adventures

Wild edible plant tour: A walk (duration 1 or 2 hours) with explanation about edible and medicinal plants, survival plants and more!

Workshop Crafty Forging: Take a look at the blacksmith and forge something for yourself!

Blacksmith Wout Veenstra

At our mobile smithy you get an insight in the live of a blacksmith, and get hands on experience with hot steal and fire!