At the festival we give special attention to Satsang. What is Satsang? Satsang means: to be in presence of the Truth. The main question is: Who am I? Our Ego, the story teller, leads us on the wrong track over and over again. With Satsang our stories and patterns become visible so that the recognition of who we really are, our True Self, is immediately possible.

Are you done with your own stories? Do you want to know what it is really all about? Do you have the courage to submit all your ideas, beliefs, desires and faith for the Truth? Then come and join our Satsang meetings at the Temple Grounds.

Between the Satsang sessions there will be live music and mantra / bhajan singing by some very talented artists!

“The greatest healing would be to wake up from what we ar not” – Mooji


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Handpan music

Yourie castricum

I'm a musician/shamanic practitioner


Ronald Visser & Michiel Brandes

"Together with participants we sing Mantra’s, get silent and enjoy a sound-meditation. Michiel accompanies the singing on guitar and djembe. Ronald plays the piano and sings.

Ronald Visser and Michiel Brandes met at a retreat founded on Sufism. This became a pivoting point in both their lives. Departing from careers as managing director and industrial designer both pursued a long exploration into their heartfelt interest and potential. Sound and healing proved to be the spark and the crux of their journey. Using music to embrace All, they work with choirs, give workshops and weekends and compose music for people encountering difficulties. Monthly they organise mantra celebrations."


Bert Van Steenwinkel & Wim Ricour

"We take you on a journey into the mystic, the eternal space beyond mind and matter. With our organic trance music, we travel through meditation and dance.
Engelbert plays Santur, an old 72-stringed Persian instrument. He channels heavenly vibrations into music that flows and grows eternally.
Wim is a multi-dimensional percussionst. In every music style he brings the finest rhythms.
Together they improvise and flow through the moment transforming the energy into mystical mysterious music.

Musical Meditations

Peter Raadsen

"What’s a musical meditation like?
We’ll start with an unusual warming up with my guitar and a relaxing bodyscan. Beware of a playfull aproach ;-) When your body is completely relaxed I will guide your imagination through a meditational journey with my Shaman drum, Koshi bells and singing bowls. After I gently bring you back, you can enjoy your new found inner peace during a final song or mantra, or just peacefully reminisce about the whole experience.

Hi, I’m Peter Raadsen.
At a very young age I started singing, had piano lessons from the age of seven and taught myself to play the guitar when I was sixteen. After two years of living in Australia I returned to Holland in 1973 and played in many school bands. As English being my second language, my band mates coersed me into writing the songs as well. As a solo artist I perform these occasionally, though the hundreds of cover songs I play - also with my band ""Rough Outline"" - are more in demand. After thirty-five years of entertaining as ""Skippy the Clown"", Chaplin and “Pipo” being my role models, and some unpleasant circumstances, I took off my “mask” and changed my path in life. Through Qi gong, yoga and a ""Shamanic Healer"" course, I regained my lust for life. Because of the frequent combination of meditation and music during this course, I concieved my own blend of ""musical meditation"" which resulted in a renewed life's purpose. As of last year I’ve created a multitude of meditation themes to help you withdraw from this hastened society and come back to what’s actually important: yourself!"