Individual Sessions

Looking for a massage, personal consult or healing? The Temple Grounds offers you a variety of practitioners with very wide healing skills. Come get yourself realigned

All Individual sessions are donation based!

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Aurora’s Light

Aurora's Light, Shamanic Soul Healing, with deep drumming and gentle angelic sounds, my voice, reiki energy, symbols & crystals

"My name is Aurora, I am a high sensitive person, which can see & feel energy & aura's. Within my healing sessions, I will tune in on what wants to be seen or felt. I work profesionally with energywork for over 6 years now. I am a Reiki Master, Crystal and Sound Healer and I also work a lot with my voice to channel and move vibrations into the energyfield.

Since my travels through South America, I learned to work with the Sacred Plant Medicine Rapéh and in my sessions I combine this with a personal therapy with sounds and energy healing.

I give together with a group from The Spirit Gathering, Healing Ceremonies with Rapéh Medicine, Drums, Sounds & Songs.

Also I work a lot with Qi Gong, Kaula Tantra Yoga and I give Soul Flow Journeys & Authentic Voice Therapy.

Just come by & let's connect!
Love, Aurora"


At the tent of Avita I, Ellen, will offer healingsessions. The healingtools I use are sound, Merlinenergy and the energy of cristals, colours and herbs. The soundhealing is given in an intuitive way with my voice and soundinstruments. Feel welcome to ask your questions, rebalance your chakra's or give yourself the chance to make a step in your personal development.

Bach Flower Remedy Consults & Body awareness consults

Resonantia Stefania Ammirata

"Stefania Ammirata is a dance artist, somatic educator, OSF certified teacher, Bach Flower Remedies practitioner, Bio-resonance therapist and Family Constellation facilitator. ""1.BACH FLOWER REMEDIES CONSULTATIONS
“Health depends on being in harmony with our Souls” – Edward Bach Dr. Bach developed 38 Flower Remedies to help support our emotional states, which he believed were the root cause of mental and physical problems. The remedies gently restore our emotional balance, re-harmonizing negative emotions by stimulating the opposite virtues. They can be safely combined with other homeopathic or conventional treatments."" ""2. Body Awareness Sessions
How aware are we of our physical body and its way to engage with ourselves, other bodies and the environment? How do we listen to our physical self, to its ways of moving and positioning, in order to be able to use its full potential? Our self-image is never static, it changes from moment to moment, but through time these changes become fixed and transform into habits. Some parts of us are clearly included in our self-image, others, maybe because of early traumas or emotional blocks, are excluded, limiting our range of movement, asking us an enormous and unnecessary amount of effort. With the support of different awareness tools, as tactile experiences, breathing and movement exercises, we are going to listen to our body structure, energetic component, moving aspects, bodily sensations, feelings......and redirect them into a more balanced and harmonious whole. """

Buddhist teachings


"Paul: already from a distance I can see and feel a person's energy and connect with it. With my massages and healings a deep connection is made within one's energy system.
Ingeborg: as a Chinese Yoga Teacher I am interested in the soul behind the person and with easy movements and/or massages the body, mind and soul can be re-attached for a better understanding of ones-self."

Centrum Natuurlijk Helend

Massages and Transformational Counseling

As a Transformational & Massage Therapist, Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher, Tanya Reitsma, will guide you in a loving and gentle way to unknown feelings of yourself that need to be dis-covered.

Do Lemette

I will give individual consults.I use "Water" for spirituals readings.

My Name Do Lemette, I am for years a Spiritual healer/medium


About Joyce:

Hi I am Joyce and I enjoy(ce)! living my life to the fullest. I am a Bodyworker & Coach. Specialized in Thai Yoga Massage, De-armouring, Therapeutic Flying and Partner Yoga. Much of my work is based on enabling the release of Energetic, Emotional and Physical Blockages to balance the energies in your body. My goal is to give you body awareness and to take you on a journey through your Mind, Heart and Body herewith waking up your Life Energy. Surrender to my hands in a session of Thai Yoga Massage on the Temple Grounds.
With Enjoy(ce)! you can expect an intensely Pleasurable Experience, Relaxation, Transformation and Healing. Open yourself up to enjoying your life to the fullest ... "
More info:

"Thai Yoga Massage

About workshop Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Yoga Massage
You are invited to relax your body and mind while learning some simple and basic techniques of Thai Yoga Massage.

During this workshop we will teach you how to give and how to receive, as well as how to keep your own energy flowing while giving and how to benefit while receiving.

Thai Yoga Massage is a special form of bodywork that combines gentle movements with rhythmic pressure point massage and deep yoga stretches. It is a wonderful massage to give and super relaxing to receive: a moving meditation and a beautiful dance between giver & receiver.
Thai Yoga Massage is a powerful tool that will enrich your life and those you share it with.


Workshop Thai Yoga Massage
Day 1: 20.00 – 21.30
Day 2: 20.00 – 21.30
This workshop is for beginners and for those with some experience in Thai Yoga Massage
What to bring
Please bring your own sleeping bag and/or blanket.

Holistic Balinese massage

Malakai Wellness

I offer 30 mins or 1 hour sessions of Holistic Balinese massage. This is not your ordinary massage. It’s one of those extraordinary massages that makes you feel super zened out! Technically speaking, it’s a full body oil massage treatment that combines different techniques such as gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy. It stimulates the flow of blood, oxygen and “qi” (energy) around your body, and brings a wonderful sense of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation.

Nathalie de Haaij is a and also a qualified Masseuse and a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher (500hrs). She is true nomad, travelling the globe and loves sharing her passion and inspiring the people she meets on the way. She is an ambassador for ultimate wellness, combining yoga, massage and healthy food as way for people to feel amazing. Here is her link for more info:

Hyama cupping

Demonstrations use of cupping therapy. Individual consultancy.

Demonstrations use of cupping therapy. Individual consultancy.

In this Reality

I offer healing sessions that relieve physical and emotional tension, align your bones and diminish pain. I make use of the simple, yet effective method called Quantum-Touch. The basic alignment of the body will sort out any blocks and significantly increase your energy. I will give special attention to your personal needs. You are mostly welcome!

Joanna is a 28 year old healer, feminist and magic worker.

Massage&Healingpraktijk De Vier Elementen

"Shamanism - Arch-Angels Aroma-Relaxation Massage Aura - Chakras Reiki- Singing Bowls N. L. P, Meditation Reflexology"

My goal is that you are by means of massage or healings more and more your soul/core light should shine. Offers you well-being for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through massage or healing. Hot Stone - enjoy the relaxation of the Hot Stone. Herbstamps - through the skin, the spices/aroma in your recorded and the herbs has an effect on your well-being. Singing bowls - the vibrations that the singing bowls view, resonate your system back in cadence. And of course, relaxation massage what just to spoil yourself. Shamanism - aura and chakras polishing so that your heavy (negative) energies out of your system, and limiting emotional/beliefs transform to the wealthy condition of his. Reiki is a form of working with universal energy through laying on of hands energy where needed. Also I have knowledge about of N. L. P. and meditation.

Multidimensional Healing Session (Inner Child Work)

Nalini Yoga - Almira Cedic

"Multidimensional Healing Session (Inner Child Work)

In this combination session of healing & energetical massage, we wil be working with your divine essence; the Inner Child (traumatreatment) and Re-connecting (roots, homeplanet, soulparts etc.). With use of various healing tools, Light Language, Sacred Geometry & Shamanism, I work with multidimensionality and on all the layers of the Human: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Getting to the root of a problem, lost gifts & new powers can be activated, and big transformations can take place.

The sessions are very deepening and cleansing, nevertheless gentle & relaxing.. I tune in with your Soul and let the Magic work itself..

Be welcome on this playful and sacred yourney lovely Villager!

Love & Blessings,
Almira Cedic"

"About Almira:

Kundalini Yoga teacher, Social Worker, specialist in Inner-Child Work (traumatreatment) and part of the core-team of the School of Ascension.

My name is Almira Cedic and my roots are from Bosnia & Herzegovina. I have my own company ‘Nalini Yoga’ situated in Overberg (Utrecht). I teach Kundalini Yoga in tune with the New Era and love to combine it with my insights from Shamanism, Healing, Dance and more..

Another passion and specialization of mine is working with the Inner Child, Traumatreatment & Re-Connecting. I love to work with Sacred Geometry, Light Language and Shamanism. My quality lies in showing people the way to their soul and divine connection."

Nordic Shamanism

"The private sessions with this Norwegian Shaman ""Christer"" are highly recommended!

The Norwegians have the pleasure to live among mountains that are said to be older than the Himalayas. These mountains are enormous power places that help you to ground, let go and recharge. Christer possesses these qualities through his ""roots"" as well. Because of its great grounding, he easily takes over all your heavier energy, and does that at a very fast pace.

Because of his powerful light vibration and his guidance he knows how to lead you to old pains and blockages and helps you release them. His focus is mainly on emotions, but also old karma, both of this life, past lives and family karma. He releases them by letting you breathe through them or making simple sounds, guided by his drum, flute or healing voice.
Diseases also often arise from emotional imbalances and are directly or indirectly included in his healings. As a sort of vacuum-cleaner he knows how to take over your old emotions and pain, next to his phenomenal ability to see the many layers within or in the surroundings of people, this is his greatest strength!

Christer is down to earth. As he says himself, you can occupy yourself with all kinds of layers of this existence, but at the moment your emotions get in the way you will not find what you are searching for. This search often comes from a dissatisfied feeling, but by looking for enlightenment outside of yourself, you walk further away from yourself. It is the often still unconscious - emotions that require attention.
His philosophy is to start at the beginning, without too many words and from that he goes into the depth. He invites you to come home to yourself again, so that you can live from your powerful core.

The private sessions will start sitting, where you can ask questions and indicate which areas of body and life are important to you. The energy will be amplified by Christer and old pains and karma will be felt and released. After some time, you may lie down on the treatment table and the healing will continue there.

Christer gives tips and tricks to work with at home as well. The body will have to find a new balance after the healing and you will then experience more space and freedom, This to live more in balance from your core.

Also a 2 Hour workshop will be given a few times during the festival.
This will be based on simple exercises to open up the system and Christer will amplify the energy to such a extend that all energies within you that are no more of use will be released.

"Nordic Shamanism is a platform to promote ""Christer"" a Shaman from Norway.

The approach of this Norwegian Shaman is accessible, namely about: ""Coming home to yourself"". Not that rushing, looking and running away from old emotions, but just learning to be with everything that is.
Living in and from your ""core""!

Without many words he quickly picks up the problem areas and goes in to the depths of them, so that whatever lies between you and your core of old karma (both of this life, past lives and family karma) such as emotions, pains and diseases will be healed. This in a very effective way.

(Nordic Shamanism is a collaboration between Toni Bruinen and Christer)"

Reflexology – Aromatherapy – Relaxation Massage

Ines Rodrigues

"""My name is Inês and I am passionately curious about natural realm.

The variety of life always had encouraged my sense of learning so I studied biology and focused my interest on medicinal plants. Currently I practice Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage to combine plants and medicine together, in an holistic type of therapy which respects the uniqueness of each person and celebrates the conection we all have with the natural world.
Reflexotherapy is an alternative, complementary and holistic therapy which promotes natural healing.
It is applied by pressuring areas on the feet/hand that correspond to organs and systems of the body. It works on the central nervous system helping to release stress which in turn helps the body heal and regenerate itself.
Reduces pain and improves mood, keeps the body’s vital energy flowing, works from the “inside out” stimulating the nervous system to release tension.

Aromatherapy is an holistic therapy which uses essential oils from medicinal plants to enhance psychological and physical well-being. It stimulates brain function and promotes whole-body healing. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.
Some of the health benefits of aromatherapy include its ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, among others.

Relaxation massage
A manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, using specific techniques to relax muscles and manipulating fascia. It’s a therapy that works from “outside in”.
Massage aids relaxation by stimulating the body’s parasympathetic nervous system. Blood pressure decreases, heart rate slows and digestive activity increases.
Relaxation massage also increase blood circulation and stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, which carries away waste products."

Shiatsu massage

Saskia Hamer

I offer shiatsu (thumb pressure) massage on donation. The sessions last 15-45 minutes.

As a qualified shiatsu massagist and still learning to become a shiatsu therapist. I would like to give as many massages as posible to help improve my skills for my further education and profession.

Shiatsupraktijk Hara

Shiatsu massage

"Shiatsu massage.
Shiatsu offers pressure point massage related to the Traditional Chinese Medicine/TCM School.
During my treatments I focus on the meridians, the energy conduits, running through yor whole body.
Through stimulation of these meridians I re-enable your body to excersize its own regenerative systems.
I can offer alleviation of musculatory pains and strains, headaches and other stressrelated symptoms.
You're most welcome!

My name is Sylvia Habraken and I am a Shiatsu practitioner with my own practice in Nijmegen

Soul body Fusion

"Soul Body FusionⓇ is a powerfull energetic technique for the New Earth that connects the soul with the body. A lack of life energy (prana) in the body causes our physical, mental and emotional problems. Fears, depression, insecurity and other problems that come from the ego can disappear even after one session.
It helps to integrate your Divine Light in all the cells of your body and tunes your DNA to your own lifeforce so it can be in balance with your body.
Because of this you can shine more and more from your heart, for yourself and everybody around you.
This thechnique is very helpfull for highly sensitive people, people with ""autism"", ""ADHD"", ""ADD"", people not in touch with their soul and children of the Aquarian age.
For a higly sensitive Aquarius child myself, it makes me very stable, and because of the strong integration with the Soul, other peoples energyfields, electromagnetic radiation just slide of of me. I can't feel it anymore. This gives me a great sense of freedom, peace and happiness. I wish this to you too."

"My name is Pritam Mantra Kaur. I am Kundalini Mantra teacher and a Soul Body FusionⓇ practitioner.
Because of my sensitivity I love working with energies and experience all the paths that lead to enlightment. I combine the integration on the soul, Yoga (means Union), chanting of ancient Mantra's, consuming food as medicine to grow in the most happy life possible and I'm always open for new experiences."


"Sound Healing Session
with Remi Confida

Individual sessions last between 60 minutes (for 1 person) - 90 minutes (for 2 people)

A Sound Healing session is the use of various mediums (voice, didgeridoo, handpan, guitar, shamanic drum, singing bows, tuning forks…) in order to create an immersion into a deep state of relaxation and receptivity. The receiver sits or lies down on a mat in a comfortable position while the Sound Healer uses carefully selected frequencies and vibrations on certain meridians of the body to unlock the energy blocked in specific areas. This helps the body to release pain and to regain homeostasis.

Elemental Medicine
with Elise Goldstein

Individual sessions last between 90 - 120 minutes

Trained in traditional psychotherapeutic techniques, energy healing, family & systemic constellation, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, creative arts therapies, and shamanic practices through direct learning with several tribal traditions - Elise practices what she calls Ritual Therapy and Elemental Medicine.

During your session with her, she will explain the fundamental aspects of the medicine wheel, then use this as a compass and guide in working with you to seed change on the level of body, heart, mind and spirit.

She is a bridge. She listens deeply to all that reaches her: said and unsaid, heard and unheard, in whichever form it arrives. She shares what is shared with her. Images, words, colors, questions, tasks, songs, messages, memories, requests...

Sessions change based on the needs of each person, but may include expressive and creative therapies, hands-on reiki or energy healing, vibrational or sound therapy, constellation and drama therapy techniques, transpersonal psychotherapy, working with dreams, archetypes, guides, animal totems and more. Sessions almost always end with instructions for the receiver to perform a personal ritual or ceremony in nature."

"About Remi Confida

a French music and sound therapist, educator and Tai Chi teacher. Through his experience as a musician, paired with his background in martial arts, he has developed a strong sensitivity and awareness of energetic, bodily vibration. Both disciplines emphasize attunement, first with oneself and then with others. This capacity is integral in the field of education, especially when working with children with special needs; through this work, he has developed a sense of clarity regarding personal and physical boundaries, and an expertise in nonverbal communication.

About Elise Goldstein

Elise is an American creative arts therapist, elemental medicine woman, and researcher. She is a specialist in intra-personal communication, the study of how inner dialogue shapes the creation of self, identity and perception. Her practice focuses on healing through personal or collective ritual, creative expression, sensorial experience, and symbolic action. She believes, wholeheartedly, that pleasure can transform the body, just as empathy can transform the world.

Voz intima

"1- Breathing sessions.
2- massages
3- soundhealingsessions"" (and lecture about plantmedicines at the Off Grid Area)"

"People describe Ana as a warm, grounded and emphatic person. With roots in the central Portugal, she moved to Netherlands at the age of 18 to expand her awareness of the world.

From the first moment, she felt that Netherlands was a country with many possibilities. She became a mother of two children at her early age and nowadays she is a grandmother too. At some point, life forced her to drop all patterns and expand to new ways of existing. From her adversity, she made a blessing. She discovered that what we call problems in life are the hidden opportunities to learn about ourselves. It’s always a choice, it’s not the destiny. We can create our own life, we don’t need to conform.

„During more than 20 years, I did a lot of introspection and self-work. From meditation, intuitive development, and different healing techniques. Nowdays i have offer my life to be in service of my inner voice and help others to connect with theirs."