Woodcarvers Corner

These men and women all have their own techniques and very own style that sets them apart in woodcarving land. Come and meet them and see their work in progress and how they make sometimes intricate carvings with these rough tools. You can also follow a green woodworking workshop in this area with Gertjan van Dunnewold. Where you will learn ancient woodworking techniques. See how you youself can turn a log into a nice litlle stool. Furthermore there is a sculpture garden where you can admire the versatile works of
these artists (and if you really fall in love with one of these wooden gems you could purchase one ;-)

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E Pietersen

Carves wood and stone in his very own comic like style

Ironic, iconic and tragicomic a true artist no compromises

Gemma Webb

Awesome Piography furniture and abstract or figurative carvings

Piography or chainsaw she makes it work, she's the Live example that women can Carve

Gertjan van Dunnewold

Green woodworking workshops making little stools or spoons

Green woodworking workshops making little stools or spoons

Hans Niemeijer

Fire and saw will create the beautifull lines and beautiful forms

You will never know what will be shaped untill the fire is completely out

Jan Mosterd

Very talented carver with a surreall style

Very versatile work that always amazes and touches people

Martin Cyprich

Woodworking beautiful Zen like Tiki's made all by hand and chissels

An exeptional woodworker that will make every piece of metal work for him in wood.

Maurice de Meijer

Wood carver at work with chissels chainsaws and powertools he will create some dust

With his regognisable style Flowing lines and details of realism carved in wood

Rienk Noorman

Lightning trough wood and chainsaws he uses it all to create wooden beauties

Wood carver at work with chissels, chainsaws and powertools

Tony Langston

Crafted carver shaping and finding the lines in the wood

He finds the lines in the wood and shapes his sculptures and female forms accordingly