General Info

Here you will find all the answers to your questions =)


Ticket phases

We have multiple ticket sale phases. From early bird tickets to tickets at the door. The sooner you buy your tickets the lower the price will be. Keep in mind there is a maximum amount of available tickets so dont be too late!

Full week tickets

Full tickets include the entire festival and 5 nights at our camping grounds. Ticket price includes all workshops and lectures. You can buy your tickets here

Day tickets

Day Tickets are valid for one day, at any chosen date during the festival. Day tickets do NOT include access to the Camping Grounds. Ticket price includes all workshops and lectures. You can buy your tickets here

Tickets for children

All kids up to 4 years have free entrance. Children aged between 5 and 12 years can buy a child's ticket at a reduced price.

Getting there


The festival is held at the edge of the village of Dalfsen. The address is: Brinkweg 36 B, 7722 VA in Dalfsen. If you travel by car or van you can follow the signs once in Dalfsen and you will find your way.

Ride sharing

We ask everybody to please come by public transport and share rides as much as possible. To make ride share easier for our dear villagers, we have organized RickyRides. Please follow the link:

Public transport

Dalfsen is easily reachable by Train. The train station is about a 20 minute walk from the Festival Grounds. There will be a small transportation option for a fair fee available.

Opening times

Festival gates

Wednesday 15.00 - 23.00
Thursday 10.00 - 01.00
Friday 10.00 - 01.00
Saturday 10.00 - 01.00
Sunday 10.00 - 23.00
Monday 10.00 - 12.00

Camping grounds

The campsite opens at 15:00 - 22:00 on Tuesday 18 June and closes at 12:00 on Monday 24 June. If you arrive after 22:00, the gate is closed.

Electronic music

When the festival gates close, all Electronic and other loud music stops in order to give some quiet sleeping time to the camping guests.

Daily 7 minutes of silence

Next to all the beautiful and intense sounds, tunes, singing and music we will again have 7 minutes of silence this year at 19:00 hours. The entire festival terrain will be quiet, all areas will participate!

That moment is so incredibly magical! Listen to the wind, the trees, the birds or stare in the distance (or to each other). Connect with yourself or nature and with each other!

Do you happen to queue to order something and you're just the turn, keep it in mind! Of course it is also a whole art and challenge (!) to convey what you want to order without voice (so with hands and feet).

Let us all continue this, and say it on!

Food and drinks

Bringing your own food & drinks

You are allowed to bring a normal amount of your own food and drinks, though only to the Camping Grounds.

Organic and vegetarian/vegan food

All food and drinks are organic and vegetarian. We take in account all differing food wishes like gluten free, vegan, etc. so there will be more than enough to choose from!

For catering that buys locally = sustainable, there is a sign: LOCAL

Bring your own plates & cups

We ask all of you to bring your own plates, cups and cutlery! We don’t offer plastic waste plates at our foodtrucks. There are washing streets at all catering spots. Read more at our Material Flow Neighbourhood

Camping grounds


You are welcome with a tent, caravan, camper and other creative accommodation options. There is only camping on the field, not in the forest.


Cars can be parked for free on our parking. This year no cars at the campsite.

Food & drinks

It is allowed to bring a normal amount of your own food and drinks to the campsite, this also concerns alcohol.

A beer at the campsite is allowed, but do not take this to the festival grounds. Buy a drink at the bar, that is much more fun.

Cooking facilities

There is a small community kitchen where you can cook together. In addition, a wide range of organic and vegetarian food is available at the festival.

Family camp site

The camping grounds are huge. This year there's also a family campsite, here you can camp more quiet.

Moving berths

This year we have a separate section at the campsite for moving berths (woonboten).

Material flow

No plastic disposables

The Festival has its own way of handling waste: we recycle as much as possible, on the spot. We want to ask everybody to bring your own cups, plates and cutlery. With this you can get food at all catering places: we don't do plastic disposables.

Our bars have only deposit glasses. Due to our Material Flow, glass is absolutely prohibited on the entire festival including the campsite.

Washing streets

There are washing streets at all catering spots where you can wash your own cups and plates, and also a tableware closet where you can leave it to dry and share.

Do you feel like bringing a towel for the dishes? We are very happy with that!

Tableware circulation

Due to our washing streets, tableware will circulate between people. Therefore bring cups and plates that others may use as well. If you don't like this idea, please take care of your own stuff and keep it with you.

Forgot to bring your own stuff? Don’t worry, our food trucks serve on paper plates.

General rules

No glass

Glass is absolutely forbidden, not only on the campsite, but on the entire festival site. Discover instead what it is like to walk barefoot!

No dogs and other pets

Dogs and other pets are prohibited. Not allowed on the entire festival grounds, including on the campsite.

No open fire

Open fire is absolutely forbidden on the campsite.


How to volunteer

There are a lot of different area’s in which we could use your help in the two weeks during build up and during the festival itself. Like:

  • Managing the campsite
  • build & Carry team
  • Tickets & Entree
  • Coin management
  • barshifts
  • helping out in the kitchen
  • cleaning & clearing
  • Traffic & parking management
  • security
  • backstage
  • technical support
  • Fire Care
  • First Aid
  • flexible work
Required time

What we ask of you: As a volunteer you are available for a minimum of 25 hours during the festival. Besides that, we can also use a lot of help in the 2 weeks before, during build-up. We are are also looking for help at the clean-up.

Application form

Would you like to Volunteer for The Living Village Festival? We would love to hear from you! The application form is on the bottom of our main page.


As a volunteer you not only have the chance to build and participate in this amazing project, but also to learn about Off-Grid, self-sustainability and innovative ways of building while volunteering! For example: How to build compost toilets, or lay out solar energy grids.